Swap cards

Connies produce collectable swap cards that illustrate themes of social, environmental and historic importance.

Over the last decade we have created 10 to 20 card series per year, so many that we have lost count. We use them as a medium for environmental education among communities throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Other card series have been devoted to themes such as multiculturalism, social history and Aboriginal heritage. We have hundreds of different cards in stock and have given away nearly 2 million - every one hand-to-hand with a yarn and a smile.

Card production

We produce most of our cards for community groups and for government and non-government organisations with a concern or responsibility for environment and community. The cards are the means through which we present their messages to the public in a fun and memorable way.

We have created card sets for organisations and groups such as Parks Victoria, catchment management authorities, councils and shires, and landcare/coastcare networks and groups. Many of the sets are produced as collaborative partnerships between multiple organisations.

We look after every aspect of the production process including theme development, research, scripting, photography, artwork, graphics, printing and delivery. Our team has finely honed the art of communication through swap card design, production and theatre.

Collectable cards can be ready in time for festivals, environment day gatherings, agricultural shows, community field days, national water week events, school fetes, etc.

Interested in having us create a set of swap-cards?

Contact Roberto D'Andrea to discuss your idea:

Telephone : 0428 774 349

Email : roberto@connies.com.au