Photos of connies yarning biodiversity

The connies appear at shows, festivals, schools, landcare, farm field days etc. We tour throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia (and welcome invitations from further afield).

At each event people move among the Connies to collect a handsome series of cards, engaging in conversations about the things that matter to them and their community.

We're constantly amazed and delighted by the knowledge and enthusiasm that kids and their elders have for their local environment, fauna, flora and history.

We have a team of performers who are skilled in the art of yarning, comedy and song. And we bring an in-depth understanding of the themes depicted on our cards. We are able to provide you with ecologists and history buffs who will amaze and perplex you with what they know.

With over five hundred cards, depicting a huge range of South-East Australian flora and fauna, we can bring a customised kit of cards to your event, presenting creatures and plants with which your audience will be familiar, and surprising them with others they didn't even suspect existed.

We also have a range of cultural/historical cards including sets devoted to Aboriginal, multicultural immigration, history and other Australian themes.

Interested in having The Connies perform at your event?

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